2 Fantastic Kids Jerky

Founder's Message

As the founder of 2 Fantastic Kids Jerky, I am dedicated to achieving the highest quality of protein in our jerky for customers to enjoy. I was inspired to create 2 Fantastic Kids Jerky because my 2 toddlers were eating jerky at a young age. They love soft juicy jerky as a snack and they can eat jerky everyday if I let them!

As a mother, I want my kids to be strong and healthy, so eating quality proteins is a plus in my book. I realized that it is vital to have proper nutritious snacks for kids, rather than junk foods.

I personally believe that it is best to start kids young with yummy and healthy eating habits. I hope you enjoy 2 Fantastic Kids Jerky as much as we do. My mission is to get these products out for you all to enjoy.

Happy eating and thank you in advance for visiting our site and purchasing our jerky.

-Betty Calderwood



Kids today are consuming overwhelming amounts of junk foods filled with sugar. By eating these snacks everyday, they miss out on nutrition such as protein. In our delicious jerky, rest assured your child will be receiving a hefty amount of protein. Protein in young children has been known to supplement cell and muscle growth, boost the immune system, and promote a healthy metabolism.


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